Please read the following carefully. we would like you to have a complete understanding of what our warranty includes. If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to contact us for more information.

Hassle-Free 3 Months Warranty

Toyota Engine warrants the original purchaser that their part is protected against any defect for 3 months from the date of original purchase. In the event of defect Toyota Enginewill repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of the part. This warranty is not transferable, is limited to defects in the part, and does not include accessories attached to the actual part.

All Warranties are Null and Void if:

  • The part purchased is installed in an application for which the vehicle manufacturer did not intend it.
  • Defect or failure is caused by a towing trailer or any other vehicle unless your vehicle is equipped for this purpose as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Failure resulted by abuse, misuse, or improper modification.
  • The part fails or becomes defective resulting from the vehicle being involved in a collision.
  • The vehicle is not serviced at proper intervals, or appropriate fuel or coolant is not supplied in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Failure or defect caused by theft, fire, collision, explosion, earthquake, lightning, windstorm, hail, water, freezing or flood.
  • Heat tab centers are melted or removed.

Terms and Conditions

  • All warranties are not transferable
  • Warranty coverage begins as of the date of purchase as indicated on the original invoice.
  • The original invoice must accompany all return items
  • Toyota Engine must approve of any repairs or replacements, prior to any work being performed.
  • Proof of regularly scheduled maintenance is required.
  • Toyota Engine reserves the right to inspect any product prior to replacement.
  • Timing belts, water pump, thermostat, spark plugs, fluids and seals are routine maintenance items and should be replaced at the time of installation and at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.(Refer to vehicle manufacturer’s owner’s manual for recommended maintenance schedule and specifications)
  • Toyota Engine drains all fluids from the parts that we sell. It is the customer’s responsibility to fill all part components with the appropriate fluids or lubricants. Cooling system must be filled with appropriate antifreeze.
  • Warranty does not cover freight costs or similar damages.
  • Windshields and other glass breakage are not covered under this or any warranty, unless specified on the invoice.
  • Toyota Engine is not responsible for any injury or damages that result from installation of purchased parts.
  • The year and model of the vehicle or part printed on an invoice is within range of interchangeability. The part supplied to customer may not necessarily be the exact model and year as the part or vehicle that has been provided.
  • Proper verification of operating conditions for cooling and electrical systems must be checked at time of installation of parts or products that can be affected by these systems.
  • Engines: Engine warranties are limited to defects in the block, rod knock, block cracks, and excessive smoking. We do not guarantee against oil leaks. Engine accessories installed or attached to the motor for convenience or preference are not covered by our warranty. Engines will not be covered if center heat tab is melted or removed. Claims related to overheating resulting from improper maintenance and or lubrication of the cooling system and or engine, are not covered by warranty. Toyota Engine does not warrant suitability of engines or other parts for compliance with any state’s smog regulations. Customer is responsible for making this determination prior to purchase.
  • Transmissions: When purchasing a transmission, installer is responsible for replacing radiator or transmission oil cooler, flushing the transmission oil cooling lines, filling the differential, shifter mechanism adjustments; including filter, seals, and gaskets. In addition, the installer is also responsible for checking computer codes and resetting as necessary upon the installation of a transmission.Transmissions are guaranteed to work properly. Transmission gears are guaranteed to be in working condition.Toyota Engines does not provide warranty on gear and case damage or breakage caused as a result of improper use, installation, or abuse.

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Refund Policy

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LABOR COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH INSTALLING, REMOVING, REPAIRING OR REPLACING ANY PRODUCT WHATSOEVER. If a buyer/customer wishes to cancel an order before the item has been shipped or if the item is in transit, a 10%-25% cancellation fee may be applicable. If a customer/individual wants to cancel the order or wants a refund on the same order or places an order for a wrong part knowingly or unknowingly he/she would be liable for the to and fro shipment and will be liable for a (20-30)% restocking fee. Buyer is responsible for returning any defective merchandise prior to refund unless otherwise authorized.

Toyota Engine wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you need to return an item purchased from Toyota Engine you may return complete, undamaged part/item(s) in its original condition (whether new or manufacturer-certified reconditioned) to any Toyota Engine store within 30 days of purchase, with your original receipt. Some items may be non-refundable, including special orders and customized parts. Some clearance and ‘as is’ merchandise may be non-refundable.

To be accepted for return, the parts/items must be complete, undamaged and in their original undamaged manufacturer’s box as purchased, complete with all original packaging, instructions, etc. Items that have been installed cannot be returned.

Don’t paint or modify the parts in any way, install it or throw the box away until you are sure you have the right part.

Please be sure you have the correct part for your exact vehicle before purchasing. Parts can be damaged during installation, especially if improper tools are used or if the part is not exactly the correct part for the vehicle year/make/model/engine. We cannot accept for return any parts that have been damaged or are not in new condition (or in the same condition as at the time of purchase for refurbished parts). We cannot accept partial returns of parts/kits if parts were originally sold together as a kit/unit. When supporting hardware is included with the original purchased part, that exact hardware must also be returned with the part return. Also, kits must contain all components originally included in kits to be accepted for returns.

Subject to the terms of this Return Policy, Toyota Engine accepts returns for full credit on the price paid for the part within 30 days of purchase (except special orders, customized parts, and items identified as “No Return”). Bring the item to be returned to Toyota Engine store, with your receipt showing order number, part number and provide a reason for the return. The purchase price paid for the part itself will be refunded. Please note that we are not responsible for installation labor or any other costs other than the cost of the part itself. Please make sure you have the right part before you start the repair/replacement.

Refunds will be paid in the same way you paid us. (i.e. Credit card payments will receive a credit to the same card used to place the order.)

Toyota Engine reserves the right to limit exchanges and returns at any time, for any reason.

Returning Cores

Cores must be returned in the box the new part(s) were sold in, along with your receipt, and cannot be damaged. Cores must be drained of fluids before return. Toyota Engine recommends that you bring your credit card used to purchase the replacement part with you to the store, so we can credit your account with the core value when the core passes inspection. If the core does not pass inspection, you will not be reimbursed any credit for it, and it will be returned to you. If you do not have the credit card or purchased the part with PayPal or another payment method, simply present your receipt and when the core passes inspection, we will reimburse your account for the value of the returned core.

We do not assume towing, shipping, transportation, and car rental cost.Usual delivery time is about 7-14 working days but due to some unusual circumstances please allow additional time.All residential deliveries incur a $75 shipping charge unless agreed to otherwise.